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~ Book of Recognition & Remembrance ~

In the late 1980's, the Book of Recognition and Remembrance (Book of R&R) was started as a way to recognize people that have been important to the TFGC and Ivan Racheff House and Gardens.  The book recognizes former or active presidents (In Honor) or it records and remembers people that have been instrumental in the life of a club or a district (In Remembrance).  It also serves as a memorial to friends, gardeners, spouses, and children of members.  The Donors are recognized and the recipient or family member is notified by letter about this Honor or In Memory.


The Book is placed on a stand at the Ivan Racheff House main conference room and may be viewed by visitors and members alike.  The moneys donate have no set amount, $10, 25, etc.  


Refer to TFGC website for Donations Transmittal Sheet - Form A1  for instructions.  Additionally, contact Illy Wood ( or phone (865)922-2778) to ensure the name is added to the Book of R&R or for any additional information.

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