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Greens Tea RSVP

Tennessee Federation Garden Club Plant List:

- House Plants - Hostas - Herbs - Lenten Rose - Canna -

- Rudbeckia (Black-eyed Susan varieties) - Yarrow -

- Wildflowers - Annuals - Perennials - 


Tomatoes:  Rutgers, Midnight Snack, Blush, Sunrise Bumblebee, Big Rainbow, Beefsteak, Martino's Roma, Riesenstraube, Cherokee Purple, & Pink Fang

Peppers:  California Wonder, Cubanelle, Etiuda (Sweet Orange Bell), Lesya (Sweet Red), King of the North (Sweet Green Bell), Mini Bell Pepper, Jalapeno (Hot), Savina (Hot), & Orange Habanero (Hot)

Other:  Picklebush Cucumber, Honeynut Winter Squash, Straight Neck Yellow Summer Squash, & more

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